Listen to me?

At least the kids are listening.

I’d swear I covered this a long time ago, but judging from Beth’s reaction to this telling, I’m guessing I didn’t. A couple months ago Beth asked me why we recycle. I told her.

Now Beth wants to recycle everything she can. When she can’t, she wants a detailed explanation why not (which usually isn’t sufficient). She figured the next part out on her own: it’s better not to use stuff wastefully in the first place. Now she’s telling me when I’m using more than I need. “Dad, don’t get out that spoon, I can make due with this fork. We shouldn’t wash more than we have to.” (Beth doesn’t even do the dishes, though it brings up an interesting idea….)

I’ve heard this before, and you might have too, but it bears repeating: “we don’t inherit the planet from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” No matter what you think about the environment… no matter what you think about climate change, resource depletion, pollution, or over-population… think about your kids. Think about what happens to them if you think the status quo is just fine, you do nothing to change it, and you’re wrong.

There are many reasons why I’m proud of Beth, but I’m especially proud she understands this. I’m happy to let her hold me to my responsibility… to her and her generation.


A blogging friend of mine started a new web site devoted to taking action on climate issues. There’s a focus on Canadian politics, but the issues are universal and there’s some good advise for everyone. Beth and I invite you to take a look (click the image to the right). You’d do well to take her advise. If there’s anyone who embodies stubborn and determined, then that someone lives in my house.

Don’t make her check my server logs.

Give the gift of words.