Software hopping

Why do I even need to blog from my phone? Isn’t it bad enough I spend a chunk of my PC time writting? Now I’ve got to encourage a repetitive motion injury in my thumbs typing on my phone?

You should know that I don’t like to use the “PC” acronym here, which implies Windows, and all the evil associated with that label.

Yes, I do. I did some blogging lite before, when I was wandering around in the wilderness with my Palm. There wasn’t a good input mechanism, and no link to the Internet (away from home), so I didn’t use it for much more than quick notes or thoughts – to be fleshed out later when I had my PowerBook. (Be gone PC label, be gone!)

Now there’s no need to wait for fleshing, while my thumbs rapidly develop into a preciscion machine.

Now the problem is software – and the fact that too many of the iPhone’s apps are crap. Many of them show promise, and the platform is in it’s infancy – as far as developing software goes. But that doesn’t change the fact that many apps are really buggy, suffering from numerous crashes. They don’t crash the whole phone, but just quiting unexpectedly, not knowing how much of you work will be saved in between, is enough to pull your hair out.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the thing is the best thing since my PowerBook. I owe my in-laws big time for getting them for us, making this huge drain on my free time possible. It’s fast becoming indispensible. Someday soon I’ll forget it at home and my coworkers will grow alarmed at the weeping gentleman in the next cubicle over.

Now I just need a better spell check utility and I’ll be all set.

Give the gift of words.