Forecast: It’s going to be hot

I want to point you to a couple of links you should check out. They’re both on the same topic, but they’re both worth your time. Here, and here.

I know what you’re thinking:
He’s tried this trick before. There’s no way in hell he knows what I’m thinking.

Fair enough.

If I were you, I might be thinking:
I don’t do links. You’ve got a sentence or two before I lose interest, so give it to me now before you lose me to Yahoo.

Both links take you to a discussion about a recent climate study. It apparently makes the following finding (if you’re inclined to take my word for it): once we put greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere we’re stuck with what we’ve got – whatever it brings. Well, unless you plan on being around for a thousand years. The concentrations will stick around for a long time.

Things are warming up enough now to melt the ice at the north pole. Does this mean we could stop emitting everything – NOW – still end up with an ice free north pole? (In addition to some other things that’ll seem a lot less abstract.) I’m no expert, but it sounds like scary stuff.

It’s no reason to give up though. Things could always be worse.

Go on now. Time to get clicking. There’s nothing more to see here.

Give the gift of words.