Another big number goes unnoticed

A blogging friend (who posts a lot more often) noted the passing of a blogging milestone a few days ago, but it didn’t occur to me to look at my own blog (I swear). I didn’t notice the number until I imported all of my stuff from the WordPress database into MacJournal this afternoon: 2023 posts. About twenty of those posts are hidden from view – saved drafts never finished, or events recounted awaiting the passing of applicable statutes of limitations. That brings the number of “published” posts down to about 2003 (this one being 2004).

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not bragging. If anything, it’s a small number, considering how long the site has been up. But still, it seemed worth mentioning. The geek in me feels compelled to share a few stats, so those of you following from the beginning (hi Christy) know what you’ve put up with (quantified anyway).

(numbers include those hidden posts)

  • 441,571 words
  • 218.28 words per post
  • 20,826 occurrences of the word “the”
  • 5,784 thats (to my eternal shame)
  • A whole slew of words appearing only once (mispelled)
  • Only two occurrences of the word “dire,” which seems inconceivable, considering my appetite for exaggeration.

That’s what I have to show for running my site a little more than ten years. It may not be much, but it’s been fun… sometimes. I wonder how long it will take to get to four thousand?

Give the gift of words.