1. I dislike my voice, too. I did an interview with CBC during the Canadian election campaign, and I taped it and tried to listen… But I can’t.

    Anyway, thanks for the message! Well done, sir.

    Obama had made amazing progress in just 100 days. We’ve got a shot at turning it around.

  2. I remember getting a cassette tape from a cousin who’s music was bookended by a voice very much like this one. A little less dire, but much that same voice.

    We will never destroy the earth, we will never use up all of its resources, but we can make it inhabitable for ourselves and most other creatures larger than a cockroach (a palmetto bug for you southerners). This is a closed system and the laws of conservation of energy do apply.

    Then again, we are the only animals on this planet who have the ability to consciously change our behaviors. Even a tiny change made by everyone adds up.

    Thanks again for the memory.

  3. Cool! I’m beginning to think there might be a real person on the other side of this blog!

    I understand the debate: are humans contributing to global warming, or is the Earth just going through a natural cycle. I don’t really care. If a meteor were headed for us, one that would break the planet into pieces, would we sit around debating whose fault it is?

    What I don’t understand is why the debate is split along party lines. You said on the tape you were a Democrat and a liberal. What do evidence, truth, and the scientific method care about politics? Is global warming a fact and a crisis because Obama won the election?

    If it is, I should have voted for McCain.

    1. I think the nature of a response to global warming tends to play to party stereotypes. A “big government” response to an issue is a better fit for the Democrats, whereas I think Republicans are faced with bending on one of their core beliefs: “starving the beast” (as long as “the beast” isn’t the military).

      I think there are more than a few Republicans on board with the evidence who have trouble getting behind the proposed solutions, for honest (though I feel shortsighted) reasons.

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