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Not so bad

A friend recently observed some kids will dread an activity – until they get there. Then they have a blast.

Church was like that for me this morning. I really thought it was going to go badly. Beth was in rare form, and my fourth grade teacher sat next to me. Yes, the one I wrote about recently.

But there are a lot of things to love about Easter Sunday service. It’s festive and upbeat. As a bonus, you get all the folks who don’t normally come – and bring with them a wonderful change of pace. Like the woman who sat a few seats over (next to my fourth grade teacher). She sat down holding her insulated coffee mug. It’s never occurred to any of us stuffy Lutherans to bring coffee to church. Or the old woman who didn’t turn off her phone – and answered it – during the sermon.

Some folks were visibly upset. Me? I thought it was great they came. Maybe they have no intention of coming back. Maybe they were just there to fulfill a sense of routine, or a promise made to someone. So what? I think most of the regulars are there for the same reason, just more often.

Some folks undoubtably see it as a lack of respect. I see it as a bunch of new folks in church not accustomed to coming – with just as much joy in their voices and kindness in their souls.

It all added up to a great morning.

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  1. Richard and I had a conversation about those teachers in the car last Friday. Near the end I realized I’d slash those bitches’ tires now if I got the chance. Middle and high schoolers exercise a lot more self-control than they’re given credit for.

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