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First assisted ride

bike-sm.jpgAdam’s had a bike in waiting almost from the day he was born (a hand-me-down from a friend). It spent a lot of its time neglected on the front porch – until one afternoon I decided its time was nearing. Then it came inside to live with its brother and sisters.

This weekend I mustered enough enthusiasm and energy to take Adam for a helmet fitting and drag out my repair stand and tools. I spent the better part of this morning giving the old bike a once over – adjusting brake heads, checking cables, making sure everything was tight, removing unnecessary parts (fenders, chain guards – stuff that rattles, makes a lot of noise and adds weight, but is mostly unnecessary in Florida), and cleaning/lubing the chain. I thought about opening up the hubs, checking the bearings and repacking ’em, but I figured this was a transitional bike and not worth that much effort. It sounds a little like one or more of the bearings in the rear hub may be going, but so long as it’s the rear wheel and not the front one I’m not too worried (the worst that’ll happen is the hub will break down and the wheel will lock up – eventually). It still spins freely and I figure it’s got a year’s worth of use left in it (at least).

Anyway, seeing Adam riding it this afternoon, I wish I’d fixed it up sooner.

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