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More on the wedding thing

If you’re one of the one or two folks who’ve been coming around for a while, this picture may look a little familiar…


I used an edited version of the above picture as part of the theme for an early version of our web site.

Cheryl loved this photo (below)… for about 1.23 seconds. Then she smacked me for closing my eyes. I wonder if I could Photoshop me some open ones?



It was a nice evening to stop by the water for a few pictures. Looking at those tuxes makes me feel like sweating a little even now. Think ninety degrees, layered clothing, and a determined photographer.

Man, those dresses were really blue.

Photos taken in Tarpon Springs, FL.

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  1. Hey John
    Not your fault!
    As a Disney photographer, I remember a family of 3 blinkers … took 3 identical shots and in each one SOMEBODY had closed eyes.
    This is still a very nice shot of you all together.

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