In comes the new, kills off the old

More of substance to follow shortly, but I thought I’d note the new look.

Although the old page setup took a bit longer to load than I would have liked, I didn’t have any intention of making changes… until an upgrade of the blog software (WordPress 2.8) killed it.

So for now, I give you “elegant grunge.”

It may not look right, but it feels right.


  1. I’ve been neglecting the content for a while, I know.

    Sometimes favored distractions fail me when blue moods strike. Recently, reading and writing lost their hold… so I dove into code (among other things).

  2. So do I, but I haven’t been able to get it or any of the updated versions to work with the new version of WordPress. There are a parts of a few themes I like, so with some tinkering I may be able to patch together something I like, but I didn’t feel like putting that much work into it yet.

Give the gift of words.