Saving money in the wrong places

There are some lines I won’t cross on this blog.

Don’t you laugh. I’ll find you.

I’m not going to elaborate, not that it’ll be necessary. I think your imagination will fill in capably.

I’ve decided not to save money on toilet paper anymore.

I say that now, but just you wait. A few years from now I’ll be reposting this entry, complaining about how rough it is out there.


  1. This is funny and strangely coincidental. I recently had to do some grocery shopping for my mom and bought her some Charmin. She always buys the cheapest paper ever. She was over at my house a couple of days later and was going on and on about the paper. She ELABORATED about what she loved about it. MULTIPLE TIMES. She said she was thoroughly convinced she was going to buy that brand all the time now. She went on and on and on. The whole thing was quite shocking and disturbing.

    Thanks for allowing me to relive it. :)

Give the gift of words.