Windows again

I set out to talk computers, causing dozens of people to reach frantically for “the next feed.”

I didn’t learn anything from defiling my iMac with Windows Vista. I did it again with my MacBook. I wanted to try out Google’s new web browser: Chrome, so I got out my install disks and went at it.

I forgot there were so many warning messages in Vista. I must have repressed the memory.

Honestly, it was more than just Chrome. I did it for work too.

It was a disappointing. The single text field for searching and entering URLs was the only feature I found interesting. Otherwise it was another basic browser – with some apparent integration with their apps (though I didn’t find it terribly compelling).

Pray tell dear readers… will I ever learn?

I will say this. Vista with service pack 2 is an improvement, in my experience. Not a big one mind you, but an improvement. It’s a bit snappier on my MacBook (running under Parallels version 4), particularly at start up and shutdown.

Give the gift of words.