Lunchtime thoughts

What gets your attention? What does it take to create enough spark for you to read more than a few words, or stop pressing the channel up button? Does the quality of content suffer from too much quantity, for reasons beyond dilution?

I’ve only got a few more minutes before I should get back to work. Every day I need time to get away, hide, and decompress. It’s not because I find my job inherently stressful. It’s being around other people I find exhausting – even though I really enjoy being around my coworkers.

I am chuck full of contradictions.

Today I’m hiding in my car. A storm is rolling in, the rain starting to flick at the roof and windows, and I’ve found contemplative peace. Today I’m thinking about a few questions many have asked, but not for the reasons you might think. I’m not sure I could care less about my hit count. I haven’t looked in some time. I’m thinking big picture. I’m thinking about tomorrow’s picture.

Time’s up.

Give the gift of words.