Paging Buzz

Paging Buzz Aldrin. Buzz, you’re needed on the ladder.

My wife made a startling revelation to me the other day, one that may have betrayed her kind. I don’t have a quote. It came out over the course of a conversation rather than an easily digestible sentence or two. However, the gist was: she’d pick the pain of childbirth over my stint in the hospital doing chemo.

You may find this odd, down right petty, both, or much more – but at that moment I felt euphoric. Do you know what this means? I feel like I’ve gone where no husband has gone before. There’s Neil Armstrong, then me.

That’s one small heave for man, one giant puke for mankind.

I’ve pulled the trump card from the deck of marital one-upsmanship. I’ll never hear the phrase, “At least you never gave birth.”


Something good came from cancer after all.

I am the man!

Give the gift of words.