Me mom

My parent’s 40th wedding anniversary is coming up next week, so I assumed I’d be making the drive up to Chattahoochee this weekend with my dad.

But I’m not.

My mother is being released to a local assisted living facility on Thursday. I’ll see her right here in good ‘ole Pinellas County on Friday.

The place looks really nice – about as different from a state institution as you can imagine. It’s certified to care for people like my mom and it’s close.

It’s been about two years. My mother is finally coming home. Several things in my life are gauged by my little dance with cancer, not that I think about it all the time. What strikes me is: my mother’s hospital stays started before I was diagnosed.

It was a different life… not half as striking, but sort of like life before and after having kids.

She still won’t be home exactly, but she’ll be here – she’ll be around. Part of that old life, before cancer created a new reference point, is falling back into the right spot.


  1. I’ve been neglecting comments – all things social really, but I wanted to say thanks. You may not see it, being so late – so it may not be better than never… but I thought it should be said.

    Thanks again (with emphasis on the ‘again’)

Give the gift of words.