Earth Day 40 — join the party!

I haven’t posted anything with a political slant in a while, so humor me for a little while. This is actually a repost from (It was meant to be an email, but I’m posting it here instead.)


To mark the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, an unprecedented movement is coming together to demand Congress pass a climate bill this year. Sign the petition now, and your name will be projected along with all the other signers on the National Mall at the Earth Day birthday party on April 25th. You can sign here:

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Dear friends,

A week from Saturday — the 40th anniversary of Earth Day — hundreds of thousands Americans will flood the Mall in DC with a simple message: Congress, give us a climate bill!

The demonstration in DC will only be as powerful as the movement it represents. That’s why the rally organizers will project, on a huge screen in front of the crowd, the names of everyone around the country who signs on in support of a strong climate and clean energy bill.

Help make this Earth Day a breakthrough moment — sign on and forward this message now!

40 years ago, the first Earth Day kicked off an unprecedented wave of action for the environment. Millions of Americans turned out to clean up, and they won massive legislative change: cleaner air, water, and protections for endangered species.

Today, climate change threatens our planet, our economy, our very existence. To beat it, the world needs a treaty. To get a treaty, the US must be on board. But that won’t happen until the Senate breaks free from the polluters’ lobby and passes a strong bill. The whole world is watching the US Senate. And the Senate is watching us, the public, to see how long we’ll tolerate inaction.

Saturday, April 25th promises to be one of the biggest green mobilizations in US history — we’re aiming to fill the National Mall. By that time, the Senate Bill is likely to have been unveiled, and the nation’s politicians and media will be watching closely for the people’s reaction. Let’s put a massive list of names up on those screens — Sign the petition below, then forward this email to everyone you know:

Now is our moment, let’s come together as millions of Americans and press for a new, vibrant, green economy — and a safe climate for all.

With hope for a spectacular 40th Earth Day,

Ben, Iain, David, Alice, Raluca, Ricken, Veronique, Pascal, Benjamin, Graziela, Paul, Milena and the rest of the Avaaz team

P.S. The catastrophe in Copenhagen didn’t doom any treaty — it just meant a delay. Global negotiators will meet again in Mexico this December. Our actions now will determine if the US goes to that summit with real climate laws in place, ready to reach an agreement. Help sign the petition and spread the word:

To learn more about Earth Day and take part in your community visit their site:


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