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D – 27 (One tooth, three teeth)

Counting down the days until Beth’s thirteenth birthday with a few reposts from the archives.

Originally posted: Jan 20, 2002, Beth’s age: 4

Title: One tooth, three teeth

Beth is holding three pencil erasers in the shape of teeth. She advises me (in her typically loud fashion, as if from half way across the house) she has three toothes. Recognizing the grammatical error, I explain to her she has three teeth, not three toothes. Beth, being a relatively stubborn child, insists she has three toothes. This goes on for about a minute or so before I convince her there is no such word as “toothes.”

Finally, she seems to be catching on, so I decide to quiz her.

“Beth, what do you have when you have three?”
“Three TEETH daddy!”
“Good! Very good Beth! Now, what do you have when you have just one Beth?”
“Two missing teeth daddy!”

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