The S word

We were driving home from the Y (MCA). I was done working for the day, and the kids were done with camp for the day.

Beth wanted to tell me about an “inappropriate” incident, but I asked her not to while Adam was in the car. Beth, not so easily deterred, went on anyway.

Now before I go on, I need to explain that Adam has been immune to the ‘spelling what you don’t want him to hear’ trick for more than a year.

The little stinker hadn’t started pre-k and he was already reading.

So Beth had to adapt her strategy. She told me about her time in the pool, and the boys who were saying embarrassing things about her and her classmates. Scandalous things.

For middle school, that is.

“Dad, they were saying the ‘S’ word for ‘hot,’ if you know what I mean.”

I knew what she meant.

Without any hesitation, Adam chimed in, “you mean ‘sweaty’ – that’s the ‘S’ word for hot.”

Beth – “no it’s not Adam.”
Adam – “yes it is, sweaty starts with an S.”
Me – “For your own sake, just drop it Beth.”
Adam – “sweaty!”
Beth – “Adam…”
Adam – “sssssssweaty!”

Me – laughing like I hadn’t laughed in a good while.


    1. Cheryl didn’t get it right away either when I told her the story. I was so disappointed (it cracked me up), I almost did post it.

      I probably should have set it up better.

      Adam is so self-confident, his little verbal tussle with Beth was priceless.

Give the gift of words.