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For sale, but for how long?

It’s another surprisingly dry, cool day in west-central Florida. I’m sitting out on the front porch admiring the newly installed lock box on our front door. Now any properly equipped realtor can get into our house.

Cool or creepy?

An electronic key activates the box, which drops the keys out of the bottom and fires off an email alerting us someone has shown the house.

I think it’s pretty slick.

By the way, if you know anyone who’s interested in a charming three bedroom, two bath house in Florida that’s close to some of the country’s best beaches (but not in a hurricane evacuation zone) call Andy Park at: 727-424-2639.

Tell him the Kauffmans told you about the Sourwood property, and you wanted to get a look before this hot property was grabbed by someone else.

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  1. John & Cheryl,

    I hope you are able to find some peace with your decision. I hope this is another case of one door closed another door opened. I’m sorry you are having to make this decision.


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