Here we go again

I’m in trouble.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s always great to be a Florida Gator, but I’m not sure my fragile nerves can take another deep run in The Show. Tell me, how many sleep specialists do you suppose recommend staying up past your bedtime with a sleep disorder?


How many of those fine specimens of medical know-how would recommend engaging in stressful activities right before trying to go to sleep?


The Gators made it to the Great Eight tonight. I’m a little scared. I’m worried I might misplace my sanity. I’m troubled what this might do to my productivity at the office.

Now, which sentence in this post do you think is a lie?

Billy D, what are you doin’ to me?


  1. guess you can get back to your regularly sleep schedule. I thought the end of the game was stressful, OT wasn’t any better! Guess now I can get back to my life. GO GATORS!

    1. Yeah, that last play felt like one of those isolation plays where everyone clears the lane on the shot except the other team.

      I don’t know how much credit goes to the coach or the players, but it was nice to see they could flip the switch in OT and put it away.

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