Home alone: day one

This is a warning to all friends, family, acquaintances, folks who see me on the street and swear I’m their cousin Bill from Wisconsin, and strangers:

This could be the worst video you see on the internets all day.

My self-esteem isn’t so low I think I’ll win the race to the bottom for long, with the volume of “stuff” uploaded daily. In fact, I may not be in the lead now but I’m not going to spend a lot of my time (and your’s) worrying about it.

This is a message to my family… the first of many, as they traverse “The South,” making their way towards the capital of our great nation.

If I may digress… one wonders if our nation is great, how can it’s capital – it’s very symbol – be reviled in every conceivable way?

Anyhoo, in this video you will see me playing one of my many roles… this one the confident, self-absorbed and self-amused father/husband. Since I started treatment for a misbehaving thyroid my wife says I’m funny again. I’m terribly sorry if this makes her seem a liar.

Give the gift of words.