Home Alone – Day Six

I’m sorry again kids. It’s going on 11pm and I’m just getting home. It wasn’t a bad day, just long… but way too long for a video.

My hearings went well, if a little long. There’s some bleed over to tomorrow to finish things up, but that’s ok.

Mom will be glad to know the bank got the appraisal back from the appraiser. It was more than we thought, so one possible stumbling block is out of the way. She’ll also be glad to know I can/will call to lock in our interest rate tomorrow.

I went over to Memere and Pepere’s house after work (a little after dinner time) and helped get them set up for Pepere’s recovery after his surgery tomorrow.

Keep Pepere in your thoughts this weekend. I think it might be a little harder than they thought.

I hope you’re staying cool. I hear it’s WAY hotter there than here. I hope it’s not putting a damper on the fun.

Well, I’m off to bed. I hope you have a great day tomorrow (today by the time you see this :-)

Give the gift of words.