Home alone no more

Today my family is only a state away. Unfortunately, Florida is a really big state.

Still, I woke up early this morning and a thought struck me: I could get in the car, leave right now and be with them by lunchtime.

There were just a handful of problems with this plan. It was four-thirty in the morning. I’d slept about three and a half hours. They weren’t three and a half good hours. And Florida is a really big state. Still, you have no idea how close I came to packing a change of clothes, a box of snacks, a thermos of extra strong coffee, and some Tylenol in a backpack and riding off into the sunrise to meet my family in Stone Mountain, GA.

It’s Saturday afternoon and my head is pounding away with each shuddering heartbeat, so it’s probably a good thing I’m here with my iMac instead.

They’ll all be back tomorrow.

That’s the real reason I didn’t jump in the car early this morning.

Give the gift of words.