Conquering Gyro

I’ve got a million Gyro jokes and puns this morning… just so you know.

I’m still suffering from the defeat to last night’s dinner at the hands of an under-dog Gyro. Strike that. I already don’t like the word association with dog and Gyro, considering the way I feel. And yet, this morning I woke up before my alarm and started my neck stretches, exercises, and early morning walk.

Funny thing about waking up before your alarm. Unless you turn it off early, which I never do because it’s a recurring, weekday alarm for work, it still tends to go off eventually.

After my neck stretches, exercises, and three quarters into my early morning walk, it occurred to me it hadn’t.

Battling the fatigue from two hours sleep and gutting out my normal routine after dinner last night, I realized I normally get up at five-fifteen – not four-fifteen.

My selective memory this morning recalls something about asking and receiving in the Bible. So… God? Could you do me a solid? How about calling my boss and explaining to her why I can’t come in today. I know, I know. The office is completing the transition to Office 365, and more specifically to Exchange/Outlook, thus away from Novel GroupWise. The Mac Guy needs to be there for Windows support. I know there’s a reorg meeting this morning I should probably go to.

The thing is, I’ve got this pillow my head needs to fall into, and I have last minutes plans to moan and groan today. Neither is compatible with reorg meetings.

Give the gift of words.