Today was the first morning at the new office.

My office is cool. It’s a little far from my peeps down the hall and around a corner, but a little walking will do me good.

The movers are behind but we had some wicked thunderstorms yesterday afternoon/evening, so I’m back at the home office this afternoon. I can’t help myself when there’s stuff to be done and my neck tells me my moving days are over, so it’s best if I remove myself from the temptation and work from home.

Speaking of working, I’d better do some so I’ll be quick.

I’m worried about the drive.

The commute to Clearwater was cake. It was mostly a straight shot down a limited access highway (not an Interstate Highway, but just like one)… the kind of drive where you pick a lane and cruise to your destination at a steady speed.

The commute to Largo is not cake. It’s only about fifty percent further but it takes three times longer. It’s the kind of stop and go driving that reminds me my neck isn’t right.

I didn’t think of it much leading up to the move but after driving back and forth this morning I can’t think of much else.


    1. Hi Sandy!
      I think the MG building gets a bad rap. It’s not so bad. Take away the setting, and it’s just as nice as the building we left (maybe better as facilities go). However, it seems like it’s in a bad location for just about anywhere BUT that part of Largo (the far west part of the county at its widest point). Well, from my view anyway.

      US 19 can be bad, particularly with the construction, but I’ll take it over Ulmerton, Alt 19, Myrtle, Belcher, CR1/Keene/Starkey, MM-Booth/49th St, or just about any other major north county artery. Then again, I’m usually not driving at rush hour with my early schedule. I might feel differently about 19 if I worked 8-5 ;-)

      1. US19 isn’t all that bad when I’m driving at 6:45 AM and 4:30 PM. I drive from US19 & Gulf-to-Bay to downtown St Pete in about 30 minutes each way. I can’t complain. I think that the MG bldg is just older, they make you pay to park (REALLY?!), and it is very far from convenient roads. Ulmerton is a bear. Sorry for you long commute. :(

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