Climate Change

I wish I knew how to convince you there’s a crisis looming, one that could doom many generations of our descendants to great suffering. Does that sound scary? Does it sound alarmist? It should. There are alarms going off all over the world but most of us either aren’t paying attention, or have been convinced it’s just a little boy seeing wolves.

Still, I have to try.

There’s not much here, but I’ve posted a few videos to get you started (hopefully). If you do nothing else, try to set aside your confirmation bias and get acquainted with the scientific consensus (though I’d really prefer you did much more).


This is a few years old and a little wonky for some, but it’s a primer for the overwhelming evidence of global warming:


The brilliant John Oliver on false equivalence in the media (warning: this is HBO, so there’s a little profanity):


There’s always room for Bill Nye:



Give the gift of words.