The art of procrastination.

Have you ever put off doing something for five years, then got up in the morning and decided, “I’m going to do that today.”? We were printing our tee-shirts – “I survived the dog days of summer, 1998” – when I told Cheryl that I would run some speaker wire behind the wall. (No, we weren’t really printing tee-shirts.)

Imagine a lazy summer day, five years ago… “Cheryl, I was tired so I just ran the wire from the ceiling (from the attic), but I think I can run it behind the wall. I’ll do it soon.”

If you were talking about continental drift, then five years really is soon. Somehow I don’t think Cheryl had that in mind. None the less, today was the day. I sit here, in my living room, listening to music from speakers with newly re-routed speaker wire. After leaving more body fluids that I would have liked in our attic, I would have thought it sounded better. Maybe that’s just the dehydration talking.

It’s almost a shame we did it. Five years is a household record for putting things off. It will take some time to top that one.