Who are you again?

Have you ever had someone approach you and say, “hey , how the heck are you! I haven’t seen you in ages. You haven’t changed a bit.” I don’t think anyone has ever said that to me. Hell, I look in the mirror and I wonder who it is on the other side. Just this evening I was gazing upon my mug wondering who the hell I am. When did my face get so thick? When did my forehead begin to look more like a washboard than my abs?** When did my nose begin to look better suited for a grocery store deli case than my face? When did I start keeping my hair so short?*** When did I stop thinking of myself primarily as someone’s son in favor of thinking of myself as someone’s father? When did I grow up?****

** I never had “washboard” abs.
*** When I got married.
**** Oh shut up Cheryl.