Body knows best?

It’s strange. Many times I’ve told others, and others have told me, that you should listen to your body. If you’re hungry, eat. If you’re craving a certain kind of food, go find it. If you’re tired, sleep. Last night, and again this morning, I was extremely tired. You may have read the entry I made. It’s amazing how bad things can seem when you’re tired. There was only one thing motivating me to ride my bike to work this morning: good old fashioned guilt. It had been two weeks since I last rode to work, meaning it had been two weeks since I last exercised. Sure, I had excuses – what red bloated American doesn’t have an excuse not to exercise? Thoughts of my last blood test, combined with a strong desire to see some portion of my progeny’s adulthood, finally got me up early and back in the saddle again. My body definitely was not telling me to go on a bike ride at five-thirty this morning. My mind was a little too muddled to fully understand, but my body sounded like it was saying “annual leave.” And yet I find myself sitting at work, some three hours later, surprisingly invigorated. The sweet smell of a small white flower (it grows on a vine like plant, but I have no idea what it’s called) filled the air. I didn’t seem to be allergic to it, so the pleasant smell combined with the cool air and the spectacular sunrise made for a wonderful way to start the day.

I’ve written before about my affinity for my bike, and what riding it does for my manner. And yet I’m still surprised by my improved mood after an early morning ride in to work. I guess I’m not that bright after all, that or I shouldn’t always listen to my body.