Because he can

Ralph Nader has announced his candidacy for the office of Democratic Party presidential spoiler. He is running his campaign as the incumbent, and he is running unopposed. He has been asked repeatedly why he is running, and he has repeatedly denied he is running as a spoiler. Supposedly, he fancies himself the man “to bring the Democratic Party back to the left.” The message to his supporters has been: “why not give them a little scare before you vote for them (the Democrats) in November.” The unspoken message is: “why not massage my ego for a little while before you vote for them in November.”

How many of you out there doubt that the Nader campaign is getting donations from registered Republicans? How many of you out there really think those Republican donors have any intention of voting for Nader? If you were a left leaning voter considering a vote for Nader, wouldn’t the support of Nader by a few generous Republican donors make you think twice?