A good sock goes down before it’s time

When was the last time you came home to find your sock drawer rearranged? This is the horror of a nesting mother.

“Cheryl, why does my sock drawer look different?”

“Because I was sick of seeing you walk around in socks with holes in them when you’ve got packages of unopened socks in your closet.”

I was really tired from a long day at the office, followed by the death watch at the allergist’s office, so no sarcastic witicisms were forthcoming. I just mourned the loss of some slightly flawed socks that were at the wrong place at the wrong time. If only I had put away my own laundry like I should have… Cheryl would have never done it for me… she would have never had the occasion to open that drawer… my little buddies would still be with me now… IT’S ALL MY FAULT!!!!!!

This is the cross I bear.