Reason #261 why I hate Microsoft and everything it stands for

In Word, I typed “its” – the contraction of “it is” not the possessive of “it.” In its infinite wisdom, Word “autocorrected” my word to “it’s” which apparently was correct. The contraction of “it is” has an apostrophe, the possessive version of “it” does not (or so says the English Grammar Rules According Bill’s Word – and thank goodness because I sure wouldn’t know). Anyway, I go on typing. Out of nowhere, I see a green squiggly line appear underneath my newly corrected “it’s.” This means Word had found a grammatical error – the one it just “autocorrected.”

,And there was a great gnashing of teeth as our hero’s expectations were met.

So why hasn’t a tech savvy pleb such as myself turned off the autocorrect feature of Word if I found it such a nuisance? Hey, what can I say? I have a lot of glass and I like to throw rocks. It may be a pain to clean up sometimes, but it’s just so much fun!