Classically trained in the art of attention fast-forward

Despite my damn near traitorous political disagreements with our president (I’m sure it keeps him up a night), in many ways I am the consummate American. Like many of my freedom loving brothers and sisters living in the American dreamscape, I suffer from a short attention span. One week, I exercise with the zeal of Lance himself. The next? I’m no better than millions of meat and potato fat slobs living in this land that stretches from sea to shining sea. A month ago I really cared about how our back yard looked. Now? It’s not like all of that work got us a guest shot in Better Homes and Gardens, not to mention IT’S THE BACK YARD. Who’s going to see it but me anyway? Well let’s see. Survey says?!?


Oh crap. The nesting mother strikes back. I’d better get back out there and do some watering.