Changing lanes

I was driving to work, and I was late. I was pulling onto the highway and signaled my intent to switch lanes. Alumni from the New York School of Big City Driving know that this was my first mistake. Signaling, turning your head, making eye contact, or any other means of contact with the driver behind you is a sign of weakness; and you know what a predator does with the weak member of the herd, don’t you? In this case the predator was a white male in a large Dodge truck. Checking my mirrors I noticed his front hood lurch with acceleration as my turn signal came on and I prepared to make my move. Despite the truck’s sudden burst of speed, there was still plenty of room for my move (re: more than one car length), so I replaced all of that empty space with my car.

(Did I say that I replaced ALL of the empty space with my car?)

Anyone who has watched the Bucs on T.V. during the Gruden era is familiar with what the gentleman behind me was saying. What can I say; I hate it when someone punishes good driving habits with offensive driving.