Taking one for the boss

When my mood is getting in the way of productivity, I owe it to my employer to engage in a little root cause analysis; and by golly I think I’ve got it! Set your way back machine to yesterday night, around eleven p.m. I had just given myself a serious case of the giggles, recalling my exploits in church earlier that day. I was committing it all to the internet ether, so that others may take advantage of my good humor, when I discovered that my web site was missing.

There is never a good time to discover a computer hardware problem, but the worst time is an hour after your normal bed time. I jumped out of bed and stormed into the family room to give my router a swift kick. It turns out that my suspicions were correct, the problem would not be solved with physical violence. I settled in for the long haul, spent two years of life expectancy fixing the problem, and went to bed late.

There’s your stinking root cause! Speaking of fatigue, has anyone got some stimulants? Actually, I don’t like to go to the Walgreen’s well too often, so I’ve decided to go au naturelle. I’ve decided to get my sugar and caffeine the way God intended: with a Twix bar and a Mountain Dew. My regular readers will not be surprised by this revelation, nor would they be surprised by my recent weight gain. All of this makes good training for having a newborn again, so I guess all was not for naught.

The can makes a hollow sound when I put it down on my desk. There’s one more foil wrapper in my trash can. Yes, I’m jammin’ now.