Giving thanks, two days later

Today was our Thanksgiving dinner. We spent the nationally recognized holiday walking around a central Florida theme park. In case you were wondering, theme park BBQ ribs are not a good substitute for a classically prepared turkey. After one bite caught me a bit off guard, I looked around the table to see if anyone else would be keeping me company in the ER later that night. (Luckily, the taste of that one bite was not a harbinger of things to come – no ER visits were forthcoming.)

We drove to Tampa this afternoon to join Christy’s in-laws for a Thanksgiving feast of good food and good company. Once again I’m going to permit myself to dive headlong into the realm of the obvious by saying that Thanksgiving is best spent with folks you like to spend time with. If that means driving to Tampa (the U.S.’s 15th most dangerous city to live in, according to FBI statistics on violent crime) and celebrating the holiday two days late, then count your blessings and do it two days late. If this means agreeing to a game of touch football, then order up some over the counter analgesics, tie your shoes and loosen up baby!

Now the question lingering in my mind is: what am I going to do tomorrow? Just thinking about sitting up to get out of bed is making my muscles ache. Maybe I should print up a blown up picture of my favorite Starbucks offering and hang it above my pillow. Maybe that will give me some incentive to get up. Not only does it taste good, but it promises the gift instant energy; energy that comes in a cold, refreshing, creamy, and positively yummy mix of coffee and artificial flavors.