A pretty good fit

The weather matches my state of mind precisely; fog. Looks like I picked a heck of a day to start riding my bike to work again. The important thing is that I got here in one piece. The gimpy ankle stood up to the test, but then there’s not much lateral movement on a bike (not if you do it right anyway). Now if I could just piece together a few coherent thoughts I’ll be just peachy.

Do you know what would be just the thing right now? How about a 200mg hit of America’s Favorite Stimulant? Ah, but you see, I knew this time would come. Two weeks ago I cleaned out my office, discarding my wonder bottle of Walgreens caffeine supplements. All I’ve got now is a carafe of decaf ice tea. No offense to you tea lovers out there, but that thing is looking pretty useless to me right now. Oh for Sweet Pete’s sake, I don’t even have change for the snack machine!

“I damn thee to the deepest pits of hell, diet!”