A Palm by any other name

A week or so ago my wife dropped a Best Buy bag in my lap. “Here,” she says, “this is for you.”

I peeked in the bag and what did I see? A new Palm handheld just for me.

Since my PDA is basically my life (while I’m at work), and since I’ve been carrying around two half dead PDAs for the last four months (each was broken in a manner that complemented the other), a new one was just what I needed.

Here’s the icing on top… the new PDA is wi-fi capable… and so are the area malls. So this Christmas shopping season, while my wife has been in the stores, I’ve been outside browsing the web with the kids. We went shopping with Cheryl’s parents, and me and her father hung back and followed the play-by-play for the game – via ESPN.com.

It’s not a lot, but sometimes even the simplest pleasures can make all the difference.

Give the gift of words.