One of the hallmarks of the low self-esteem personality is a tendency to poke fun at others. Having said that, I’d like to share an amusing tale about my wife.

Lost isn’t just something I do out in public, it’s also a television series on ABC. My sister is hooked. Several of my co-workers are hooked. Me? I need another television show to watch like I need higher interest rates. So of course, I rented season one through Netflix. I watched disk one and I was hooked. I couldn’t wait for disk two to get back to me… so instead I asked Netflix to send me disk three, and I bought the episodes from disk two from iTunes. So there I was, settling down to disk three, and Cheryl walks into the room. I ask her if she’s sure she doesn’t want to watch with me.

“I watched two episodes and I thought it looked stupid.”

Insert knife, twist, remove, repeat.

One night later Cheryl sits with me to watch the next episode.

“So, you’re slumming tonight Cheryl?”

“Well, there’s nothing else on TV and I’m bored.”

Three nights later… two days after disk three goes in the mail to Neftlix…

“John, when’s the next Lost disk going to get here? It seems like it’s been, like, a week.”

“Dude, it was, like, yesterday, you know? Like, climb down off your cow man. I thought you didn’t even like, like lost?”MARY–

Give the gift of words.