Fun with physiology

One of the cool things about fingernails… they grow. Evidence of this phenomenon can be had by cutting a notch in the nail with an ordinary pair of household scissors. You can kill two birds with one stone by using the scissors to trim unsightly cuticles. Simply open the scissors and use the leading edge of the scissor blade as a makeshift knife. In most cases the blade is not sharp enough to cut through the nail, but just sharp enough to cut through the cuticle. (I considered a witty Geraldo Rivera reference for this spot, but I reconsidered… hasn’t he been picked on enough?) A few extra passes with the scissors will leave you with a notch suitable for displaying the wonder of human nail growth.

(Note: the author wishes to advise his readers that they should never use a pair of scissors on themselves without the expressed written consent of Major League Baseball.)

Give the gift of words.