This week

I noted two unspectacular events this week. There was nothing extraordinarily special about these two unspectacular events, I just happened to note them. To be honest, they’re the two most recent unspectacular events and I just happened to feel like writing at this moment, so here they are, in order of occurance.

1. Adam was weighed and measured at the doctor’s office. (Have you noticed that they seem to do a lot of weighing and measuring there?) As it turns out, Adams relative weight has gone down. I say relative because he’s actually gotten heavier, but his percentile rank (among his peers) in weight has actually dropped below his percentile rank for height. Actually, in one way his relative weight is still just as high (almost). He’s 85% for weight, but 90% for height.

Yep, he’s a biggun.

2. Adam noticed that I am a nail picker. I have been since I was a child. I think it’s one of the lesser offensive childhood habits to carry-over into adulthood, but don’t tell that to my wife. You’d think I was picking her nails she gets so pissed. Heck, it’s not like I’m picking my nose or wetting the bed. Jeesh! Anyway, back to Adam. He notices I’m picking my nails, and what does he do? Does he sit down and start picking his nails? No, he sits in my lap all evening picking my nails.

It’s pretty freaking weird to have your fifteen month old child sit and pick your nails for thirty minutes.

Give the gift of words.