Paper, rock… and a couple of Brits caught spying?

I heard on NPR this morning that a couple of British diplomats were accused of spying on the Russians in Moscow, using equipment hidden in a rock. If this proves to be true, it will signal a change in British government at its highest levels… the outsourcing bug will have struck British Intelligence; Q having lost his job in research and development to The Sharper Image.

Those former Iron Curtain cities being famous for their open “green” spaces, I’ll bet a rock is quite inconspicuous. Heck, any body who’s anybody has got a rock in his or her office. It is genius, pure and simple, to hide espionage equipment in an office rock.

Don’t tell anyone, but I’m a plant for the British too. I’m here to learn the secret of unaccountability under a “democratic” veil in government. MI6 scored me a listening device hidden in a faux marble bust of Winston Churchill at Spencer’s Gifts. I am in like Flynn.

Surely, none of the above is true.

Give the gift of words.