UPDATE – 9.1 on a 20th Anniversary Mac

Friends, Romans, Countrymen… lend me your ears. We’re not in Rome, you say? A curse on you who mock my fit of whimsy!

When last I spoke of my bite of Apple lore, I was smote with glee over nine point oh four.

But you had to know that I wouldn’t be satisfied with half measures, didn’t you? This week I went whole hog and pushed the TAM to its official software limit – Mac OS 9.1. Alas, this is not a story chucked full of manna, honey, or candied Apples. Truth be told, it’s not a hell-of-a lot different than 9.04.

The next stop on the TAM tinkering tour is a removal of the thus far unused network card, plugged into the sole PCI slot, in favor of a used (re: free) USB card. With no available (re: authorized) network connection for my beloved TAM at the office, and with a Palm OS device that can do double duty as a USB flash drive, a USB card is my ticket to file transfer bliss.

OOOOH… File Transfer!

Give the gift of words.