Cold snap

Colds, illness and allergies are running rampant through the Kauffman Household (v 2.2.1). There’s a flip side to a saying… “Anything that doesn’t make you stronger will only kill you.”

Ah, now that’s a relief.

Oh, this is also the time of year when all of the optimism of spring training… is shattered by terrible D-Rays pitching. With a couple of exceptions, it’s been kind of bad. How often does your offense score 7 runs, most of them really early, and you still lose by six runs? Man, I really-really wanted McClung to do well last night.

Ah well. Looks like the Sox are doing well, at least. Man, I NEED re-alignment! I heard an interesting idea… that divisions were divided up by team payroll… the top five AL payrolls in one division… and so on. Yet another idea that will never happen.

Give the gift of words.