Excuse me sir, do you know where Hell is?

Imagine you were sitting at work with little to do, knowing all the while that you had a TON of stuff to do at home. Geese-a-Louise! It’s enough to make a grown man weep.

Speaking of weeping, can you believe The West Wing ends this Sunday? It is (was) a show on TV that gives (gave) me optimism… and not just because it portrays (portrayed) a Democrat in the White House. Whether it was realistic or not, it’s portrayal of politicians with a genuine will to do good, for the good of the people, was a weekly dose of political optimism. Throw in the snappy, intelligent dialog, and you had a great show. With a casting overhaul to freshen the show up, I thought it was primed for a ratings resurgence.

Too bad everyone stopped watching… just when it was getting really good again. Then again, John Spenser’s death left some awfully big shoes to fill.

All together now…

Ah well.

Give the gift of words.