Lines, everywhere LINES!

There have been whole days that I don’t think about this site. Hard to believe, eh? When I do, I sometimes consider putting it out of its misery. Lately I’ve been hanging out with my creativity at the bottom of a deep, dark, depressing, and very dry well. If that isn’t enough to turn me from writing, I don’t know what is.

Don’t worry, I don’t give up that easily. You’ll still have this site to kick around for a while yet. I’m not going to let a little thing like talent or natural ability (or a lack thereof) stand between me and a little electronic self-glorification (with the occasional self-depreciation thrown in to balance things out).

Actually, things have been a little “up” since last I wrote. Yesterday Beth spent something less than half the day sentenced to her room, so it was relatively pleasant. I’m happy to report we even went out to eat without anyone getting violently ill, which ends a recent streak (Beth did throw up this morning, but my recently acquired “sunny side up demeanor” is ready to chalk it up to coincidence.) Heck, another streak ended this morning when I got to work on time. That’s probably more because I changed my work schedule, but you’ve got to find any good you can get – no matter how much digging you’ve got to do. A wise professor once told me that the easiest way to reduce crime is to make fewer things illegal. Well I’ve got to tell you, I feel a lot better not being late – even if I am here at the same time. Call me crazy (just not to my face).

Give the gift of words.