I can’t believe it’s not Wednesday!

So you say its Thursday. I guess I’m in no position to argue. Hosting a (likely) viral infection automatically disqualifies me as official timekeeper. Heck, it could be Sunday for all I know. Here’s what I do know, and this is probably the most important thing of all… I’m sitting at home with my feet at the same elevation as my waist. What’s even more important (considering I have a head cold): my head is still higher than my waist. Trust me, the last think you need is more fluid rushing to your head when you’ve got sinus issues.

All of this was made possible by our second hand (but still in the family), Lazy-Boy recliner. Growing up I never pictured myself as a “Lazy-Boy” guy. To me, the arch-type of the “Lazy-Boy” guy is Archie Bunker… and I just don’t have that kind of presence. I’ll tell you what though, you come in out of the heat, into the air conditioning, plunk yourself down, and give a pull on that magic lever… you hit the jackpot every time. EVERY time baby!

Give the gift of words.