Bring it… oh never mind

Dude! I totally forgot to publish this entry! (Here it is, as originally conceived and typed in the A.M. of 5/26)

The news this morning reports that 43 regrets using phrases like “bring it on,” when addressing the insurgents in Iraq (albeit indirectly, via news conference). Apparently the leader of the free world believes he was misinterpreted. I can see how someone might misinterpret “bring it on.” It all depends on your definition of “it.” For the insurgents, “it” was obviously a whole lot of disruptive violence. Who woulda thunk it?

Come on Georgie. This wasn’t the key note speech for the Betty Crocker Cook-Off. “Bring it on” wasn’t a challenge to whip up the best bowl of chili this side of Crawford. When you’re addressing a bunch of angry guys with guns, there’s only one thing they’re likely to bring… and it ain’t a cup of sugar. Heck, coming from Texas I’d think you already knew that.

Anyway, I guess there’s never a bad time that to learn that cowboys make nice movie heroes but terrible diplomats.

Give the gift of words.