Over five people served

The other day I decided to determine the age of this web site. In the grand tradition of Florida’s universities (does the East Florida Seminary in Ocala ring any bells… how about The Florida Institute… or the Florida State College for Women?) I decided to allow the loosest possible connection to obtain the oldest possible date. That date is December 1, 1998. That’s the date my first web page went live. My ISP (at the time) hosted it, good old internet lite… AOL. I put it together with Adobe Pagemill (since discontinued) on my original, Bondi Blue iMac (since retired). The entire site took up a whopping 300K (or there abouts), took five minutes to upload with my lightning quick 56 kbps modem (give or give a minute or two), and consisted of three pictures of Beth and one picture of my sisters in New England (in the snow).

And you know what? Having my own web page in 1998 made me about as cool as a frozen penguin in orbit around Pluto. (Trust me, that’s pretty damn cool.)

Although the cool quotient for a homemade web site has dropped precipitously since then, take it from me… I’m still cool.

Dude, don’t laugh. That’s not funny.

Give the gift of words.