The little boy that could

This weekend my son reminded me of an ant. It wasn’t because he was a pest or that he was particularly insect like, but because he was often seen carrying around objects of significant size. One moment he was carrying around a dining room chair, the next a folding table, or one of those large Rubbermaid storage containers. There didn’t seem to be any particular reason for all this effort, other than these objects were there for the hefting. And believe me, there was plenty of effort involved. There was more grunting in our family room this weekend than the free-weights area at the local gym.

Why doesn’t Beth like to lift stuff? Is it a boy-girl thing? Did we fail to give her the appropriate encouragement as a toddler? (“Way to clean and jerk those groceries, BETH!”) Or, is it just an Adam thing?

It’s really cute when Adam lifts heavy things, but it gets less cute in a hurry when he decides to do something else with it. It’s a nuisance (that can sometimes be a little funny) when a toddler decides to throw their food at you. It’s something else entirely when they start throwing furniture.


  1. You know, I completely forgot about Adam Ant.

    I wonder if he thinks it’s better to have known and forgotten, than never to have known at all.

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