Being functionally blind is WAY underrated

I can’t speak from personal experience, but having seeing problems looks like a major bummer man. Glasses can be a real pain, even when they are professionally fitted. No matter how well adjusted they are, there’s no getting around the fact that you’ve got some precariously balanced scaffolding hanging on your face. The gentle tug at your ears, the pinch at your temples, the pressure at the bridge of your nose… all of it can wear on you after a while.

If I had to wear contact lenses I’d simply lose my mind. I’m really protective of my eyes – bordering on a mild phobia actually, so I can’t imagine poking myself there twice a day to fiddle with contacts. Then there are my parents to consider. If I were to start putting my finger in my eye now, at least 17 years of behavior modification and reinforcement is out the window.

All of this leads us to our latest ER adventure; involving an eyeball, a contact lens, a corneal abrasion, an eye patch, and a script for eye drops laced with antibiotics. Here’s one more case where genetics can be a real bitch… one way that all “men” are most definitely NOT created equal. Mom… Dad… I love you.

Given my 20/10 vision, any guesses who’s wearing the patch?

Give the gift of words.